Now that we’ve had some great experiences in the city were ready to put on our hiking boots and head out to the country. About one hour south of the city we find ourselves at an all natural retreat called ‘Manantial Infinity.”

Most of the people we met here came for a a short stay and because of the great energy; kept extending until the weeks and months passed them by.

Right away we could see why. We were greeted with delicious coffee and homemade bread.

This Bizcocho is ‘Mom’s recipe’ from Spain. The sugar is called ‘Pañela.’

While we were enjoying breakfast someone else was heating up the oven.

‘Cohete’ used to cook. Just add wood and fire.

Once the oven is hot your ready to bake!

Tamales tolimense. Wrap and bake.

Downstairs, or underground rather, there is lodging for rest and meditation. The idea is to get you in closer contact with the mother earth for healing.

Mosquito net to keep out bugs.

Also on the ground level the is a natural body of water you can swim in.

First apply this mixture of herbs as a lather onto your skin.. Apply generously.

After your swim you can get into the smoke house.

They heat the hot box with burning wood to create a sauna effect.

After our hike at leisure,  we got to try a hot, heart healthy drink called ‘Aromatica.’

A blend of fruits, herbs and plants. Hot, sweet and delicious.

With such kind heats and open spirits it was hard to leave. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and left healthier, happier and feeling truly honored to experience the kindness and great diversity of this country.