With all that has been said about the dangers of Colombia how can one truly know what is right or wrong?

We decided to take a Medillin city tour and see the good, the bad, and the ugly for ourselves.

There is bad and ugly in every city in the world. In Medillin it has a name. ‘La Candelaria.’

This is the place you been warned about. This is a place where you find drugs, danger and even where the police have hesitation to enter.

Never go here.

There are however plenty of places that you can go. One such place is the very famous Parque Berrio.

Popular as a meeting place for local residents and a major reference point in the city for visitors.

There are a few other noteworthy attractions nearby.

One such attraction is the tallest building in Medillin, the Coltejer building which boasts a total of 37 floors.

Another nearby attraction is ‘Plaza Botero.’ This park has on display nearly two dozen sculptures by world famous Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero.

It’s a nice place to visit for stroll and to people watch.

Not too far from the park there is a large mural on display showing the history of the ancient times and people of Medillin.

The Nutibar hotel was built by rich Botero family. This was the first hotel was the first in medillin.

Initially it was only very exclusive and only for the rich.

Now, only a shell of what it used to be in the space is open to all.

Directly behind the park there is the Palacio of Culture Rafael Uribe. The current headquarters of the Institute of Culture and Heritage of Antioquia.

Inside you will find really cool historical treasures of art and design.

Like the chest of the first mayor of Medillin.

The drawers used to be covered with glass to protect fragile documents.

The mayor’s original passport.

There is even a nice garden ‘La Rotonda.’

Just one block away lies another line that you do not cross.

This street is called May 21st. Foreigners only cross this line if they relinquish police protection.

We were told that there are undercover police nearby to help prevent foreigners accidentally crossing this line.

As with any city there are proper ways to navigate in order stay safe.

After a full day of enjoying the good, the bad, the historical and the dangerous; Medillin still shines as bright as ever.

When you come to Medellin, the city tour is a must.