Monte Cristo Bed & Breakfast  is a quaint little bed and breakfast that you would walk right by and miss if you didn’t have the address.  This is why I am here to tell you it is worth your time and trip to find when in San Francisco.


The outside is unassuming and  blends in  so easily with the neighborhood settings it’s almost like a genius camouflage hiding the location for only those with the secret password. Immediately upon walking up you feel a measure of comfort with the iron clad blue gate doors which have a security key in pass lock code.

The interior lighting is dimly lit but romantically sufficient. We chose the Queen size bed and found that the room was adequately sufficient for two people. Snug, but adequate. A nice mixture of antique decoe and modern bathroom upgrades.

The linen was crisp and clean and the bed neatly made.  There was  One main ceiling light with several small adjunct lights to provide enough lighting for day and nighttime needs.

Staff was friendly and helpful.  There were free maps at the main desk and the location is central enough to easily make your way to any part of San Francisco.

In the next room right next to the main dining area there is a sitting lounging area with the TV.

A great place to sip on a cognac and relax for the evening if you like.


I would recommend staying here for as many nights as you want or need to feel like you have gotten away into a secret land of romance and bed and breakfast land.


For more details you can call or email.


Monte Cristo Bed & Breakfast

600 Presidio Ave
San Francisco,CA – 94115
United States
Phone: (415 ) 931-1875