The most amazing part of this hotel experience this one that you would never know unless someone told you. It is the amazingly picturesque view of the city from this hotels rooftop bar. This view allows you to see an entire cityscape you’ve only seen in movies- both during the day and evening.



During the day and you can sit with amazing views overlooking the city and enjoy a brunch before you hit the road. At night you can enjoy dinner in the restaurant or live music on the patio under the stars and romance of the city.



The rooms were clean, well organized and we even had a refrigerator. There was a TV in both the living room space AND bedroom. This allowed convenience for any type of TV viewing habits.. Or just plain gluttony, which is what vacationing is truly all about. The bed was large and comfortable and room service was prompt and professional.


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The average nightly price for this room was actually quite affordable when considering the location and amenities. Depending on the time of year, you will be looking around $200 per night in summer seasons.


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The hotel is located near a convenience store which is on the next corner, and a centralized train station which is about a five minute walk away. 



There are also other restaurants peppered throughout the neighboring streets which make an easy walk for a variety of different food tasting pallets.



Out of all of the choices for lodging in Rome you will not go wrong if you make this one.



If you are traveling in Rome, this is a little known gem that will add to your overall experience while giving you a cool place to relax after you’ve taken in all of the sites the city has to offer.

48 Volturno Street, Termini Central Station, Rome, Italy, 00185 –