Coming from the U.S. flea-markets are something that we’ve all grown up with. In fact every American has probably been to at least one at some point in their life. When traveling abroad the idea of a flea-market is something that would never, ever, ever come to my mind but as they say when in Rome.. Believe it or not we were able to find a well-kept secret and flea-market in the city of Rome.. Only after being told by some locals we befriended. Meet-┬áPorta Portese!

As a tourist you may never learn about this large, full street bazaar. It is the market collectors and the locals who know it’s there every Sunday. It is located in an area away from the classic touristic Rome, and it’s not advertised like the Colosseum, Pantheon or Piazza de Spagna.

Plan to be here for the entire day.

Come early. Be prepared to bargain and walk away just like you would add a normal flea-market.

You will have to drive or walk through this entrance. After coming through the gate you will see the beginning of the market.

We walked away with an extra luggage and cheap but well-made souvenirs for family and friends. Truly a delicious treat and best kept secret of Rome! Come here to get away from your get away!




Via Portuense & Ippolito Nievo, 00153 Rome, Italy
+39 06 2314 3456