La Provincia


Feeling extremely excited by all of the progress  the city has made, as well as ravenously hungry from hours of traveling we decided to try out a high end restaurant in the city named “La Provincia.”  The elegant décor was not only warm and inviting but also contemporary in design.

 On the restaurant’s website they describe some of their dishes like prawns breaded in pork rind with spiced coconut sauce, and octopus carpaccio with saffron vinaigrette and passion fruit .

Check me as sold.

Appetizer from Colombian coast-  Shrimp ceviche, egg arepas and carimañolas.

Chateaubriand in red wine sauce and crispy mushrooms.  The chicken was perfectly tender and all of the flavors melt in your mouth.

Duck margret with Oporto and green pepper reduction.  This duck was simply amazing and the vegetables were a perfect match.

While the other plate was a smooth mix, this was literally an explosion of flavor in your mouth.  ‘Delicious’ does not even do the food enough justice.

Come to this place.

After having the experience  the meal and the atmosphere -we can absolutely, positively give this a ‘two thumbs up.’

La Provincia can be found at:

Telephone: 322 01 92

Carrera 42 No. 3 South 81
Golden Mile
Local Business District 303

Office hours
Monday to Saturday
12 PM to 3 PM and from 7 PM to 12 AM