After an amazing night of dancing and festivities one would think that the city would simply rest on its laurels and state ‘mission accomplished.’ The city was not done with us yet. Next we found a chic, romantic restaurant that specializes in meats. Introducing, ‘Brutal.’

The presentation of the menu makes it clear what this place is all about. The mission statement according to the restaurant, “has an emphasis on grill, where their dishes are designed to share and interact and thus achieve the best balance between food and fun.”

After a brief discussion with our waiter- decisions were made.

Colombian style ribeye. Juicy, tender, and dripping with flavor.

‘Emblem√£tico.’ A beef tar tar of sorts served with olive and caper tapenade, manchego cheese and mesclun salad. Quite delicious.

Overall a nice quiet place with dark mood lighting.. ideal for one on one conversations and getting to know your friends better.

An experience not to be missed.

Restaurant location:

# 5 sur 30 Carrera 42, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
+57 313 2711939