Andres Medillin


 Sometimes in life you go out looking for the party,  and sometimes the party just finds you. We were out in the evening exploring the city when we stumbled upon this place that looked like it had ‘FunCity’ written all over it.  How could we not explore?

Follow the dancing butterflies to your night of adventure!

Immediately upon entering the restaurant you are swept into another world of colour, laughter, and activity buzzing with all types of excitement.

Even the bathrooms have a hip colorful style.

I knew that I was not in just any ordinary eatery, but it wasn’t until we sat down and looked at the menu that the full realization truly hit. Talk about choices! The menu is over 54 pages long!

Eventually I stumbled across BBQ ribs. Coming from Chicago and having a certain affinity for BBQ.. I felt like I could not overlook the opportunity to see what South America had to offer in terms of barbecue ribs so let’s do this!

Nice smokey flavor, tender pork meat, mild BBQ sauce that doesn’t really push you one way or the other. Overall, sadly it didn’t knock my socks off but if your not a BBQ snob like yours truly like then you would be quite pleased.

A little Ron Zacapa rum pairs nicely with heavy meats.

The money shot ‘Tibio.’ A breaded white fish prepared in tigers milk with ginger, coriander, mixed with onion, tomato, and rocato hash. Insanely good, spicy, and a great way to compliment the meal.

Can’t forget dessert! Strawberry meringue with chocolate sauce. On point.

While we were busy eating it was easy to see the activities were only just beginning for the night.

Colorfully decorated wall where many groups were posing for photos.

A musical Christmas performance show.

Then, someone flipped a switch and this place turned into a salsa club.

Great food, drinks, music.. How could we not dance the night away?

The night is young and the salsa has just begun!

It was at the end of the night the restaurants mission statement became abundantly clear, “Immerse yourself in the unexpected world of Andrés, where night, night, dance, enjoy and flirt.”

Medellin, you’ve gone and done it again!

Restaurant location:

Centro Comercial Rio Sur, Cra 43A #6 Sur 26, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Friday 12PM–3AM
Saturday 12PM–3AM
Sunday 12PM–1AM
Monday 12PM–1AM
Tuesday 12PM–1AM

(New Year’s Day)

Hours might differ
Thursday 12PM–1AM